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The Magic Of Welcoming In All Of You

Today marked the 3rd session of Being At Home In Your Body - the 6 week journey to becoming more at ease with yourself - and during our call this morning, something really beautiful and profound came through and I wanted to share it with you.

We were in doing EFT tapping on a pain that one of the students’ had, and the fear that came along with it. Instead of tapping to diminish the pain, we tapped on accepting her pain and her fear as part of her human experience. She was able to see then that these feelings were part of her Alive-ness, and this was to be celebrated!

The more we tapped, she had a clear vision of opening the door to her fear - something which she saw previously as a monster behind a door (the faceless monster, something so much more scary somehow!), that when she opened the door and let it in (remember that this fear is a part of her too) conversely, her fear diminished.

How does letting IN fear diminish the experience of fear? Well, this fear is playing a protective role, and only wants whats best for us.

So, when we can welcome in (not necessarily be drive by) all parts of ourselves, we feel WHOLE.

The previously shut out parts of her felt welcomed, and heard - bringing a sense of relief, and reducing the fear. I often hear “but if I welcome it, wont it stay??” No, actually.. “What we persist, resists!”

The opposite seems to happen. The welcomed feeling is placated. We are soothed. We are whole again .

After a few more nervous system practices, the students left that call feeling playful and ready to be with all of their human experiences. The students reported tangible feelings of BLISS, SELF LOVE, PLAYFULNESS and EXUBERANCE! (This is only week 3! )

If you'd like to join us, and experience more wholeness, bliss, peace and all the good stuff... respond to this email xxxxxx

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