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Coming Home To You.. a 6 week exploration of your nervous system

In my practice I see so many people with chronic inflammation, and dysregulated nervous systems (indeed they both go hand in hand it would seem). For any dis-ease, it is necessary to soothe the persons nervous system, to help them move out of the state that got them there in the first place, and into a place of stillness, ease and comfort in their own bodies.

Having experienced pains, anxiety and stress for so long - this becomes a persons ' normal' . Typically, these people experience initial discomfort at the unfamiliar state of calm.

Whatever the reason for the dysregulated nervous system - early childhood trauma, physical injury, a stressful period, loss, financial insecurity, etc. the physiological impact will be the same - raised inflammation markers, adrenal fatigue (tired in the morning and wired in the evening?), inability to focus, magnesium and zinc deficiency etc. .. We will discuss a truly holistic approach to supporting your system at the deepest level. Bringing you

During these 6 weeks, we will explore practices which cultivate and support you to feel calm, and create a new normal for yourself.

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