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Blue Water

Session Overview

Alongside nutrition, I employ useful tools which support the healing process.

This makes for a holistic experience in which every aspect of the person is ‘seen’ and supported.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is recognised  as an ‘evidence based’ therapy, useful for reducing feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. It consists of tapping on specific areas of the body whilst vocalising negative thoughts, in order to reduce their impact on our nervous systems. According to The American Psychological Association, 4-10 EFT sessions is an efficacious treatment for PTSD with a variety of populations*.

  I use it in my practice as:

  • it is an empowering tool that can be utilised anywhere, anytime

  • It is especially useful in cases of PTSD, anxiety or childhood trauma

  • It is gentle and non invasive

  • There are no adverse side effects

  • It is effective immediately. My clients report feeling happier, lighter and less overwhelmed in one session.


Heart Coherence

The heart is an incredibly powerful, and mostly untapped resource in healing. Along with having a ‘biofield’ of 10 feet, and can be influenced by or influence others within this radius - it has neurons and can ‘remember’. Studies have shown that when we regularly, intentionally cultivate feelings of gratitude and wellbeing, our heart patterns become more coherent. This has a deeply healing impact on the whole nervous system - and is especially useful in the HPA axis (Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal axis). I believe that this is a missing link in most clinical healing protocols.

  Heart Coherence works well with cases of early childhood trauma and chronic physical pain, as we tend to find these cases presenting with extremely incoherent heart patterns. Bringing ourselves into a state of coherence can quantum leap our healing. We can even have a beneficial impact on those in our immediate environment simply by bringing ourselves into coherence - such is the power of this work!

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