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Being At Home In Your Body

A space inside which we meet weekly to practice nervous system regulation.

  Ella has expertly designed the content to empower you with the tools & knowledge to understand and your chronic symptoms and how they relate to your nervous system.

Learn about the Polyvagal Theory, and understand how to apply it in your everyday life to affect change and access ease &  peace in your body, mind and life.

Do You Relate?

Are you experiencing frustrating symptoms that affect both your body and mind? Are you feeling overwhelmed, and experiencing chronic pain?  The HPA axis is our stress response, and the vagus nerve - our primary communication pathway between the brain and the rest of our body - heart, liver, lungs, throat and digestive system. When we have been in a state of chronic stress for a long time (many of us are born into this state, and so are unaware of anything different!) , the HPA axis  becomes stuck in a stress response, our vagus nerve loses ' tone' and our experience is one of feeling overwhelmed , disconnected, inflamed joints, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, anxiety and depression. I have designed a 6 week course to empower you with the tools and knowledge that will shift you from this burnt out state, into vitality and calm.

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Beneath The Symptoms

In our modern, fast-paced world, chronic stress and trauma can often push our bodies into a constant state of fight-or-flight. This heightened state of alert can trigger an overdrive in adrenal gland function, leading to physical, emotional, and cognitive issues such as:


  • Waking up feeling drained, with a clouded mind that's overworking at night.

  • Struggling to concentrate on tasks, or feeling defensive and volatile.

  • Experiencing physical discomfort like a tense jaw, neck pain, eczema, or irregular menstrual cycles.

  • Succumbing to unhealthy cravings for sugar and caffeine.

If you recognise any of these symptoms, it's a sign that your body and mind are trapped in an exhausting loop of adrenal malfunction and inflammation, yearning for a significant change and restoration to a state of balance and wellness.


The Solution: Being At Home In Your Body

Ella's unique 6-week experiential course, "Being at Home in Your Body," offers a transformative journey that guides you out of this endless loop of stress and exhaustion, and into a state of safety, calm, and vitality.

With an in-depth understanding of your body's reflexes and responses to stress, this course enables you to interrupt old habits, and reconnect with your body in a loving and compassionate way. By understanding where your stress and inflammation originate from, you can start addressing these issues at their root, implementing practices that manage both physical and mental symptoms naturally and effectively.


Learning Modules

"Being at Home in Your Body" is your passport to a life-changing journey. Expertly crafted by Ella Carey, who triumphed over chronic illness and paralysis to lead a life full of vitality, this course is designed to empower you. Following Ella's expert guidance, you'll gain understanding of your body's stress responses, acquire practical tools to manage symptoms, and learn how to cultivate safety, calm, and vitality. Embark on this transformative path and emerge with a renewed sense of health and balance. Edited! NOW offered as a Pay What You Can Members' Space! Courses will still run in 6 week cycles, but you will now get the opportunity to pay in this field with us over and over , to practice and fully embody a regulated nervous system!


L.B Oxford

I came to Ella at a point in my life in which I felt low in energy, with raging hormones, a persistent thrush, hair-loss, bad skin, bloated, constipated and with dandruff. I went several times to my GP, and have been through several blood tests all of which came out fine. But still I exhibited all these symptoms which resulted in a poor qualify of life.  While we are only midway in the process, I already notice a big improvement - I no longer have any hair loss, I am less constipated, my energy levels have increased, I'm less bloated, and my skin has gotten better.

Meet Your Guide: Ella Carey - A Beacon of Knowledge and Resilience

Emerging victorious from a personal battle with chronic illness and paralysis, Ella Carey is a living testament to the transformative power of holistic health. Her remarkable journey of resilience has led her to accumulate a vast array of qualifications to guide others on their paths to wellness.

Her credentials include:

  • Level 5 Nutritional Therapist with The School of Health, on the way to Level 6.

  • Registered member of FNTP.

  • Trained Kinesiologist with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiologists.

  • Accredited practitioner of Pause Place's Love Presence & Connection coaching.

  • Certified Gut And Psychology Syndrome practitioner.

  • Homeobotanical Therapy Practitioner.

  • EFT Level 2 practitioner.

  • Undergoing training as a Heart Coherence Coach.

  • Enrolled in neurophysiological performance coaching with the Polyvagal Institute.

  • Advancing her expertise with Energy Coaching for Professionals.

  • Currently honing her skills in Pranayama, a form of yogic breath control.

With Ella as your guide, you're not just embarking on a course, but starting a transformative journey tailored to your unique needs. Ella leverages her personal experience and extensive training to deliver holistic health solutions that are effective, empowering, and personally suited to you. Journey with her, and unlock your path to a state of safety, calm, and vitality.

Your Investment for a Holistic Transformation

Dates :
Monday 30th October- Monday Dec 4th

7:30 - 9 pm via Zoom
Cost: £222

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