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The Power Of Our Inner Story

Our inner story has total power over our lives if we are unconscious of what it dictates.

Formed during our early years, the inner narrative will dictate the choices we make, the money we make, spend or save and the opportunities we do or don't go for.

Our inner narrative tells us what & who we are, and what we can have/ do & be.

For most of the people I meet, these stories seem to be shame or fear based - and centre around themes such as " I'll never have/do/ be what I want because ..I'm not worthy/ life just doesn't work out for me/ etc.. fill in your own story here!"

Do you recognise this?

These stories are passed unconsciously from generation to generation - not only through the language of the people that we grew up around DNA, and cellular memory.

From diving into this work, I came to realise that my own inner story had kept me in a reality of " I need to work REALLY hard to get anything of value, and I will never be good enough"

This had me tuned into the need to fight for my survival. No wonder I ended up with a paralysing autoimmune disease : I exhausted my own body, I was working THAT hard at surviving.

Thankfully, stories can be rewritten.

In preparation for my upcoming 9 month course REWRITE YOUR STORY I have been diving into the power of story, and the neuroscience behind subconscious, unconscious and the illusion of choice.

What drives us to make choices? When can we know if we are making choices that serve our souls or perpetuate our shame based narrative?

Awareness. By bringing awareness to our internal stories, we can change them. Through changing our internal stories, we bring more consciousness to our choices. Through making more conscious choices, we will start to see evidence of these positive narratives - shifting from " I am unloveable" (and then acting in accordance) to " I am surrounded by love" (and acting in accordance).

The difference is subtle but seismic!

Rewrite Your Story begins in September, please do respond to this email if you'd like to register your interest. (This doesnt have a public sign up page as its such a bespoke course that has very limited numbers!)

We explore 360 view of our story: epigenetic, cellular memory, constellation/ energy and mindset.You get FULL holding throughout the 9 months, and equipped with a toolkit and skillset that will empower you for life.

Dont miss this! It's going to be SO POWERFUL!

And of course, Being At Home In Your Body begins again in September too - the nervous system tonic that takes you from feeling stressed out to deeply blissed out. Find the sign up info here

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