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Setting Your Compass To Your True North

About This Event

September - April 

7 months


 Your true north is your inner guide, your compass, your instinct. 

 It will lead you to your own personal heaven, always. 


Heaven is simply a frequency. 

We will be tuning into this frequency, and strengthening our connection to it. Watch your life become infused with magic as you connect to this frequency.

 It will lead you to your flow, your purpose, your sense of ‘right place , right time’.  

 Over the time we spend together, we tune into this frequency, and you strengthen your connection to it. 


Watch your life become infused with magic as you connect to this frequency easily. 




 £5,250 if paid in full


 Payment plan available

Watch the magic unfold as you embody the frequency of your truth….


By the end of these 7 months:


 You will be so practiced in harnessing your own power, to create your life to your own design.


You have total faith in your instinct and you know yourself to be totally supported by the universe.


You dream up bigger and bolder ways to express your truth, and you have access to tools that keep you in that frequency.

 You  experience life through frequency and energy, and you  know that you are equipped with the tools needed to stay connected to your own magic and power, always.


You experience serendipity and magic!


You make decisions from a place of deep knowing, trust and wisdom, allowing your potential to be realized. 


You no longer block your potential through fear, but instead you are open to receive guidance, and you follow this guidance with faith.


You will experience more pleasure on a daily basis


You eat the foods that nourish you, and know what you need, when.


You will experience life with more ease and flow, and you will be an irresistible magnet for what is meant for you.


Your relationships will be easier


You will experience more self love


Your purpose and clarity will be crystal clear


Learn techniques to strengthen your access to your own inner compass, reconnecting to your own innate wisdom, and learn to trust yourself after stress, trauma or chronic health breakdown. 


How would it feel to trust yourself always?


To make decisions that may seem illogical but lead you to your field of dreams?

How would it feel to be so tuned into yourself that you instinctively know what you need, and don't feel a need to  ask for external guidance?

Experience a life of serendipity and connection - and feel the bliss in surrendering to a deep knowing and trust. 



Easily tune into the frequency of love, healing and flow. Experience the space to go inwards, and connect t the deepest part of you. 

Experience the safety in self acceptance, self compassion and unconditional self love. (This is talked about a lot, but really experiencing it- is heaven on earth!)


Create your own story from a powerful place of self compassion, self trust and absolute self love


Dissolve your own imposed limitations and allow yourself to receive what is rightfully for you, without blocking it.


Topics/ Themes covered (we will prioritize leaving space for magic, for your own truth to percolate.- essentially the course is led by you. This is a guide only. The course will be designed around its participants. It is alive and is a co creation between us.)


Write your new chapter in your story - one that you CHOOSE. One that excites you and connects you to a deeper sense of purpose.

Gratitude Forgiveness Silence Nervous system support

Noticing habits that kick in when we feel uncomfortable & sitting through them. MASTERING our response, reframing pain as a useful guide.

Release your past , with compassion, understanding, empathy & grace

Enter the PRESENT moment. 

Create your reality : Language, Intention, Energy..they (impact) all matter

Become so sure of where you are and where you're going

Stress- chronic health- inflammation connection, and how to dampen these physiological responses

Nervous System Practices :self regulation as habit

Changing your mind, to change your reality. Neuroception & Perception.

Vagus Nerve Toning : why its important, how to test it and how to tone it

Learn to Listen & Respond to your own inner guidance.

Strengthen your listening of your inner voice

Always , always stay connected with self love and self acceptance 

Put yourself first 

Connect to creativity & power, and realise your power to create your reality (this is very fun!)

Understand your own individual response - according to the Gene Keys & Human Design. Practice this and enjoy the experience of tuning into your own personal compass.




Nervous System Practices - Vagus nerve toning, polyvagal theory to reconnect you to your body. Once you feel safe enough in your own human experience, your energy field expands and starts reconnecting with its environment. Reconnection is the key word here. 

Mary Magdalene Energy: Unconditional Love to go to the depths of yourself and know that you are held in an absolutely immaculate energy. Discover what it feels like to experience and receive unconditional love for self and others. 

Heart Rate Variability - trauma recovery

Energy Medicine - frequency therapy, EFT etc to support you at every level to move into your natural state of being.

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy - recipes to nourish your cells

Understanding your genetic blueprint

Heart Coherence

Kinesiology - connecting to the bodys wisdom

Manifestation - mastering energy channelling, creating your reality

Gene Keys / Human Design- understand your own design

Homeobotanicals : vibrational medicine for every aspect of your being

Space Clearing to match your new frequency & story Feng Shui to bring intentional magical energy into  your home and life


You will also benefit from the Shamanic Dreamwork that I am exploring with my coach (and becoming certified in!)


The above are all available, and will be used if relevant and appropriate for you to access and embody your deeper truth.

 Your journey is unique and created around you. I am your guide but you hold the compass!

How this looks: 7 months. Coaching,remedies and all therapies included. (also included is Ellas group programmes )


Zoom Calls - biweekly with home play & support between calls.


What  is possible when you live in total alignment with your truth?


 In my experience - magic, abundance, health & vitality, better relationships, feeling held by life, knowing your purpose, reaching your potential, experiencing more synchronicities, receiving more prosperity, living in ease & flow, adventure.. and more!!

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