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Ella Carey is the driving force behind Full Spectrum Health with Ella. She is a trained naturopathic nutritionist, kinesiologist, Gut And Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, Pause Place coach, EFT practitioner and Heart Coherence Trauma Coach. 


She has over 6 years experience in transformational therapy, healing and treatments.

She combines her skills, clinical knowledge experience and instinct to create a completely individual package that will improve and enhance your health through a balanced combination of nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.  Her integrative approach facilitates a deeper listening and understanding of your own body and mind that will enable you to confidently author a new narrative for your health.


With a particular interest in gut health /mental health connection, Ella healed her own son of acute anxiety through the gut healing protocol that she now teaches to other families.  This work is particularly is suited to people who have experienced childhood trauma and who are currently experiencing physical symptoms. 


“Following mine and my family’s own successful healing journeys, I truly believe in the importance of understanding the root of a health issue, not just dealing with the symptoms.  I empower people to make real change, whether it’s dietary, environment, activity or any other area that’s negatively affecting their health, and give them the tools to take back control of their lives.”

Meet Ella

Ella’s skill sets and integrative approach to the full spectrum of health provides a unique balance between nurturing natural therapy and clinical scientific solutions, giving Clients access to new levels of energy, vitality, connection, performance, and possibly most importantly, hope.

How it works

I just want to express such gratitude for the Kinesiology session that I had with Ella recently. I went to her as I was having a tough time dealing with stress and feeling overwhelmed by the pace of life. I wanted to get to the bottom of some of my belief systems causing the stress. She really put me at ease immediately and I knew I was in the right place for my healing. She was totally spot on with what came up in the session and I had some deep and profound shifts in the session..I felt absolutely amazing afterwards and feel empowered by her advice she has given me to move forward. Thank you so much Ella, your work is transformational xx

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