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2023 - another opportunity to learn self regulation and a surprising way to get clarity!

Happy New Year to my wonderful community of brave hearted truth seekers.

According to astrologists, numerologists, clairvoyants and intuitive - this year is set to be a powerful year.

2+0+2+3 = 7.

7 brings connection to self, wisdom, our community, abundance. What we only dreamed of is now becoming more possible.

What do you dream of?

This year provides a profound opportunity to bring to fruition that dream that you have been holding back on. This year will provide a perfect platform for us to come together and work collectively to build the reality that ensures sustainable wellbeing for people and planet.

More energy, more clarity, more soul connection can be yours.

More and more people are waking up to the life that they really want to live, and it is so exciting and inspiring to see what happens when people choose to trust themselves to build a life that nourishes them.

Choosing a life that nourishes you is created through making small decision after small decision. (Sometimes big decisions are in there too, dont get me wrong! ) It helps we have mental clarity and are connected to our YES.

For more mental clarity, I find that it helps to clear the physical ( body - detoxification, enemas, saunas, staying hydrated, fasting and environment: clutter clearing, detoxing the home from any unwanted stuff, and giving it a deep clean with non toxic cleaning products. I also love to harmonise the energies in my home with my energy clearing practices - more on this later!)

Here are some simple ways that you can clear your space (body & home) and find more clarity at this auspicious time:

  1. Organise your wardrobe. Give away any clothes that you haven't worn for the past year, or which you don't feel reflects you and how you want to feel. You can sell good quality second hand items on places like Depop or Vinted, or you can give them to charities like Oxfam or Care4Calais. I know that some high street brands like H&M & TK Maxx also have clothes banks that you can drop unwanted items off. There's absolutely no need for them to go to landfill.

2. Have a sauna regularly to keep the lymph clear. (The lymph is the waste removal system in the body)

Studies show that saunas help to remove heavy metals, reduce inflammation and boost mood. The heavy metal levels in hair mineral analysis tests change drastically when a person starts to include saunas in their wellness routine.

3. Hydrate: dehydration sends the body into a deep state of stress, and in this state - clarity of thought or connection to our higher selves is hindered. Hydrate through drinking plenty of boiled & filtered water, linseed tea, and keep diuretics like caffeine & alcohol to a minimum. If you are feeling disconnected from yourself, its likely that you're deeply dehydrated.

2 simple ways to support a deeply stressed body : book the Being At Home In Your Body and take Nat Mur & Kali Mur- 2 tissue cell salts that governs our hydration and support our body through stress. (Take 2 a day of each dissolved in water for 3 months).

4. Enemas are another fantastic way to hydrate the body and remove any toxic waste - lightening our load even more, and supporting vitality. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it! I lead my participants through this practice, and others - in True North - my 7 month program inside which we all are moving closer and closer to our true natures, clearing out our bodies and calling in our bliss.. It really is a beautiful program to be a part of! Email me if youd like to put your name on the waiting list for the next round!

Other ways you can work with me in 2023:

Being At Home In Your Body: a 6 week live course that leads you through gentle yet incredibly effective practices to self regulate, and feel GOOD in your skin. Previous participants have said it's like having years of therapy, and have reported being able to connect to feeling safe for the first time in their lives. Starts 25th Jan.


The details are being confirmed, but I'd like you to be the first to know..and if youre even slightly interested - please let me know as numbers will be very limited!

Location: Tuscany.

Hot springs, silent dawn walks, delicious Italian, homemade food, kinesiology sessions.

The practices that we will be doing will be around the nervous system - so expect lots of deeply delicious sessions that bring you back into feeling ease in your body. This will be an extension of Being At Home In Your Body, just in person and over 3 days.

Details to follow, but if you are interested in more info, please do let me know!

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