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6 week course offer to practice more coherence and create more FLOW in your life.

What does it mean to be in coherence?

It's definition means to form a unified whole, or in electrical terms (nervous system applies here, as an electrical system) it speaks of a fixed relationship between the phases of waves in an impulse - of light, electricity (any energetic impulse).

To BE in a coherent state feels like being part of the whole - that a persons body is working in a unified, synchronised and connected way; and that the person is in a unified state with the universe.

Synchronicity is the key word here. The coherent person intuitively knows when to move, and when to be still.

They at once feel grounded and open, strong and fluid, dynamic and peaceful.

This level of being is our natural state of being.

Many of us have become disconnected from it, but it is a state thats in our cellular memory.

On June the 16th, I am leading a 6 week exploration of the fundamental access to coherence - through the nervous system.

We will discuss

* nutrition for the nervous system

* how to identify your true yes/ no and never doubt yourself


* polyvagal theory and how it applies to you

* the impact of trauma (even ancestral) on the nervous system

* techniques to access coherence -Heart Math, energy

medicine, kinesiology, and more.


Learn to really deeply and truly trust yourself, honouring yourself and experience synchronicities and feeling deeply connected to the "Whole".

This is coherence.

** Special offer! If you sign up before 6 pm today, you recieve a free 30 min session with me!**

My wish is that together, we create MORE coherence in the world.

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