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Banana Cake Bread Recipe - gluten, egg, dairy free and v low in refined sugar.

This week has been quite a bumpy one, for me and most of the other people I have spoken to. It's been a new moon, and I have found myself going to bed earlier than usual - sleeping more deeply, having more vivid dreams, and waking up more tired than usual.

I am listening to my body and slowing down this week. Im taking time to ramp up the nourishing foods, the hydrating linseed tea (recipe in a post to follow) and the deep rest.

Yesterday, I was still in slow down mode, and after school my son was looking for an after school snack, so I suggested that we bake something together. Always one for a challenge, I suggested that we make something out of the ingredients that we have - no running to the shops to add something in!

It is an exercise in creativity, resourcefulness and imagination!

It has to be: