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Mouthwash = pre diabetes??

Nitric Oxide production is key to maintaining overall health, especially metabolic health.

How our oral health affects our overall wellbeing is often overlooked, but the findings of this study - linking mouthwash use to pre diabetes is hard to ignore.

Essentially, the study found that over the counter (antibacterial) mouthwash kills our friendly bacteria that synthesis nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide (NO) is essential for glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity . When we kill these bacteria, we decrease our nitric oxide levels in our body - which leads to metabolic syndrome, weight gain, fatigue and other symptoms of insulin resistance. Nitric Oxide is also important for good circulation - and low levels can lead to symptoms as varied as neuropathy and erectile dysfunction.



Oil Pulling with coconut oil or sesame oil is an ancient and safe method for keeping the mouth fresh.

Simply put a tsp of coconut oil in your mouth, and hold in your mouth for 1-2 mins, swishing it around all your teeth. This is reported to kill pathogenic bacteria, and keep the pH in your mouth conducive to a healthy environment. Do this each morning after tongue scraping:


Tongue scraping is another ancient oral hygiene practice that's stood the test of time. It is reported to remove the toxic byproducts of respiration and clear away any debris deposited on the tongue from the night time detoxification process.

You may wake up with a furry tongue, or a coated tongue - and scraping it (use a copper scraper for added antimicrobial benefit) . To do this, simply scrape the tongue from back to front 2-3 times , or until the coating has cleared. Follow with a coconut oil pull for a really deep clean!


Cloves contain a strong anaesthetic known as eugenol which works as an antiseptic, and can help to fight infection. Keep infection at bay by chewing a clove a day!

Either chew a clove or make clove tea (adding 1-2 cloves to hot water and rinsing the mouth with this)

Will keep for 7 days in an airtight container.

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If this has been useful for you, please let me know! I love to hear from you.

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