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As we move into April, the days are becoming longer and brighter (if not dryer), and I am aware of a new energy spiralling upwards and creating a feeling of a fresh start.

If you are not feeling this freshness, you may be feeling stuck & sluggish , both in your body and your life (as within so without) . Feeling stuck indicates a sluggish lymph, and if this is you, you could benefit from a traditional spring clean (inside and out).

Through this blog post, I will give you some tips and tricks to create some movement in your body and life!


The lymph is the waste removal system of the body. If you are achey, have sluggish digestion, and get swollen glands but never a fever - its a sign that your lymph is stagnant and needs warming up to flow more easily. Sauna & exercise ( I love rebounding for quick & effective lymph pump) are excellent ways to get the lymph moving.


Once the lymph is moving nicely, you'll want to make sure that the toxicity is being carried out of the body regularly! If you're having one bowel movement per day, or less - you are constipated! Improve your digestion, check your diet or see a kinesiologist for any other causes of constipation: you may have a food sensitivity, low stomach acid or low serotonin for instance - these all lead to constipation!

Drink more (room temperature or warm) water to hydrate the body, and lastly, linseed tea is my go to for constipation reduction.

By now, you should be feeling much more FREE in your body, mind and life. You may experience this as new inspiration, new ideas, new opportunities and a sense of freshness in your space. Situations that previously felt stuck may now miraculously have movement.

The foods and nutrients that support the cleansing process, along with exercise and saunas are :

* choline (found in lecithin granules or eggs)

* NAC - found in protein rich foods

*DIM (found in cruciferous vegetables)

* Sulphurofane (found in sprouted broccoli especially)

* Zinc, B6, Magnesium are also essential for detoxification.

Cleavers AKA 'sticky willy' helps to clear the lymph. Juice it, blend it, dry it and make a tea out of it - enjoy any which way (can you feel the vibrant energy coming from them in this picture?)


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Wishing you ALL the joys of SPRING

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