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Small but mighty: support for a healthy family

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Tissue Cell Salts

Tissue cell salts are inorganic minerals (there are 12 of them) and are given in the smallest doses ‘ to adjust various disturbed conditions to the body cells and fluids, evidenced as inflammation, congestion, pain and disease”

The Twelve Tissue Salts, Esther Chapman.

What Are They?

In short, they are minuscule doses of minerals - to balance any potential deficiencies - thus reducing or eliminating any symptoms relating to deficiency of a particular mineral. (Seee correlating symptoms below)

How can a minuscule dose eliminate deficiency?

Even if the person is eating a varied diet, a deficiency may be present due to an inability to digest and assimilate a certain food or nutrient. These tissue cell salts can support cellular metabolism and activate the digestive capacity to absorb and assimilate more nutrients.It is this impaired metabolism that leads to dis-ease in the first place. The body only needs small doses of these minerals to activate normal cellular metabolism.

They work in a similar way to homeopathic remedies . They are designed to be taken regularly.

They made by are diluting the mineral, and adding to pills with lactose sugar (you can get dairy free these days) - so they are very similar to homeopathic medicines, though aren't classed as such.

The fact that they are such small doses make them safer and more gentle to use on the whole family than mineral supplements - which can knock the body off balance if given in too high a dose for that person.

They have no concerning side effects and are safe to use during pregnancy and infancy. I have been using them with my family for the past 8 years with amazing results. They really are the true mothers little helpers.

Measles, chicken pox, stomach aches - you name it, theres a tissue cell salt to support it.

I have used them for teething, sleeplessness, ear aches, fevers, anxiety, indigestion, measles etc and always giving them out to my mum friends in times of emergency!

They really are one of my favourite 'go to' in my home remedy kit.

A Brief History

They were developed in the 19thC by a Dr called Schuessler - who believed that the body needed a fine balance of 12 inorganic minerals to be in optimal health. Inorganic means the substance left when something is burned to ash. The 12 minerals below are what Dr Schuessler found are left.


  1. Disease does not occur if cell metabolism is normal

  2. Cell metabolism is in turn normal if cell nutrition is adequate

  3. Nutritional substances are either of an organic or inorganic nature where the body is concerned

  4. The ability of the body cells to assimilate and to excrete and further to utilise nutritional material is impaired if there is a deficiency in the inorganic mineral (tissue salt) constituent of cellular tissues

  5. Adequate cell nutrition may be restored and cellular metabolism normalised by supplying the required tissue salts to the organism in a finely divided assimilable form.

These little beauties are a godsend for anyone who needs a deep, effective and always gentle support for a range of health issues - from bumps and bruises to teeth formation. I have found that they particularly came into their own since I have had children.

They are so useful for all those little niggles and bumps that you may not go to a Dr for, but a little extra TLC and support is required.

A Good, Broad Support for Family Health

Child has a fever? Tissue cell salts

Teething pains? Tissue cell salts

Exam nerves? Tissue cell salts

Overindulged and feeling heavy? Tissue cell salts

From acute health conditions to the more chronic ones they are helpful for so many aspects of life and health for instance, I am using Ferr. Phosphate for the chronic inflammation on my spine (I was told that I had a 75% chance of being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life) - and Im happy to say that I was walking in 6 months

I used a variety of them to support my sons dental health after we discovered that his enamel was soft ( along with nutritional support - we got discharged from the care of the hospital who couldn't believe the change in his teeth once we did the dental protocol!)

The feeling of healing my sons dental health was HUGE. I felt empowered and so grateful and relieved that I had found this tool to support my families’ health.

I recommend using them on yourself, and gently learning about them over time.

Here is a basic run down of the 12 tissue salts and the correlating symptoms of their deficiency

Calc Fluor: Connective tissue health. Use in cases of prolapse, hemorrhoids, late dentition in infants, swollen glands or strained muscles.

Calc Phos:Main constituent of all cells (as the soil). Promotes growth in children, numbness,oozing skin eruption. Catarrh. Kidney stones, Calc Sulp: Liver support ,acne, pustules, Frontal headaches,Much sensitivity, Pus eruptions, Inflammation

Ferr Phos Diarrhea from relaxed intestines, Dry stool, Nose bleeds, excessive menses and hemorrhage, .Damaged bones (can be used topically dissolved in water and soaked on a bandage,) good teething remedy, good for listless children.Supports blood quality. Oxygenaton of body. Supports Initial stages of illness.

Kali Mur: Blistered skin, Sluggish liver, Grey/ white cattarh, Eczema (if in the 2nd stage of inflammation) Warts, Dull, aching pains in any part of the body, Jaundice

Kali Phos Anxiety in children, brain fatigue, insomnia, Nettle rash, Colic, Heart Palpitations, Spinal nerve conditions Kali Sulph: (metabolism booster, pancreas support) Yellow coating on tongue, Whooping cough, Psoriasis, Can be made into a ointment for dandruff, Neuralgia, indigestion,

Mag Phos (Painkiller) General soother of nerves, Motor nerve support, Retention of urine, spasms of uterus, Neuralgia of face or bowels, Nervous disposition Nat Mur: Low hydrochloric acid - poor digestion, Nettle Rash, Delirium,Excessively heavy sleep, Oedema Nat Phos:Nausea, alikaliser,supports rheumatic tendencies. Keeps uric acid levels normal. Nat Sulph:Pancreas, nerve cells, gallbladder,green-yellow cattarh,, incontinence and retention of urine Constipation

Silicea:Brittle nails, Ribbed nails, Spasms of sphincter, Connective Tissue disorders , Memory loss

Cell salts are generally taken 4 times a day, 3-4 tablets.

For acute symptoms (sudden onset with more or less severity of symptoms), you can take 1 tablet every few minutes or up to every hour. For best results continue taking for min 1 – 3 months

  • Adults: 1 tablet, 4 times a day or 4 sprays, 4 timers a day

  • Children: 1/2 tablet 4 times a day or 2 sprays 4 times a day

  • Infants: 1/4 tablet, 4 times a day or 1 spray 4 times a day

Tablets can be dissolved in water, which makes it easy to repeat doses or to give to children or the elderly. Dissolve 4 tablets in 4-8 ounces of water and stir vigorously. You can take a teaspoon at a time as a dose, stirring vigorously before each dose, or just sip as needed. Mag phos works best taken in ‘warm water’ if there is easy access.

More resources on learning about tissue cell salts:

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Disclaimer: Please consult a qualified health practitioner for any health issues. This information is to be used for general interest and not as a substitute for qualified medical advice.

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